Where it all Started

For the sake of good 'ol nostalgia I figured I'd show you some of my throwbacks above

Hello, lovelies! Textile & Twine was developed from my original business selling vintage-inspired aprons on Etsy. When I was first learning how to sew, Simplicity Pattern Co. had just re-released their line of absolutely adorable retro apron patterns; and I knew that my loving, supportive mother would wear as many of them as I would make her...no matter how bad they looked. :) But before long, my little aprons were looking better and better. One day, my mom posted pictures of the aprons I'd made her on an online forum she was a member of. And pretty soon, a business was born. For years, I have sold my handmade, retro aprons on Etsy, but my line has expanded into other items for the home. Now we make potholders, oven mitts, napkins, dishtowels, plus a wholesale division for retail, restaurants, and hospitality industries. And there is more to come. Please stop and look around a bit <3

Wishing you the sweetest day,